Friday, December 10, 2010

An Old Friends Returns...Betty Drake

A few years back, a friend who lives in Barcelona sent me a CDR and prefaced the letter that accompanied it with "You're gonna like this...". He was right. Inside the envelope was a CD by Betty Drake, a band I had never heard of. And the photocopied art did me no service as it was unreadable. But what a great record!

Years later I find myself working with this guy who is really talented and we start talking about music. I discover that, not only does he know the bands I listen to, be knows the guys in Betty Drake. He was in the Beatifics with two of them! (insert "small world" cliche here). We had a long chat about the band and the music.

Keeping a long story short, Christmas is here early. Betty Drake's second CD, Grape or Red, has been reissued by Purple Pit! Purple Pit may be Andy Schultz, I dunno. But that's neither here or there. The re-release of Grape or Red is a wonderful surprise.

Here's the vital statistics on this recording:

Personnel: Andy Schultz, vocals and guitar / Paul Novak, vocals and guitar / Heath Henjum, bass / Nate Jaqua, drums

Songs: Just Like That / Time Will Never Tell / Funny Forever / Movietown / Oh Claudine / A Place To Stay / Lock & Key / Summer Grass / Curtain Call / Last In Line / Lucky Star

This album showcases the songwriting talents of Andy Schultz and Paul Novak, both veterans of the Minneapolis powerpop scene. The songs are witty, soulful sweet. If you like the Beatifics' How I Learned To Stop Worrying you'll love this as Schults picks up right where he left off (minus Chris Dern's contributions). You can buy it at Kool kat Musik. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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