Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peter Case Live

They don't promote shows for folks my age. So when I decided to step out of the office for a cup of coffee and saw a bill in a shop window for Peter Case at Triad Stage, I was pumped. I won't be needing that caffeine after all. Reading the "fine print" (somebody needs lessons in poster design) I noticed the show was TONIGHT! Being less than a block away, I ran over to Triad Stage (a beautiful facility in what must be a 100 year old brick building) a bought my tickets.

I'm guessing that there were about 50-60 people there to see Peter Case perform, which is pretty good for Greensboro on a Thursday night...with no promotion. Peter sung many of the more recent songs from his last few CDs, told some hysterical stories, and even did an old Breakaways number. You may remember the Breakaways as Case and Collins' follow up to The Nerves.

Having met Peter before when he was performing a few years earlier in Winston Salem NC (before his heart attack), I would have loved to say "hello" after the show. He often makes himself available to speak with fans after shows. I doubt he would have remembered me, but it would have been interesting. Regardless, Case's songs and voice were an important part of my youth and I got a chance to relive it to a degree that Thursday night.

Thanks, Peter.

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  1. Hi! I'm the drummer from Daemon Familiar, a power pop band in Chicago. I'd love to send you some mp3s from our just released 2nd album, "Brontosaurus Rex" because I think you'd like us. Is there a good way to send to you?
    Power pop is such a small community, and like you said, no one really promotes or markets shows to us!